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Happy Day Meme (Day 2) - 3 things, including a Picture - Precipice [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happy Day Meme (Day 2) - 3 things, including a Picture [Dec. 24th, 2008|12:43 am]
Today, I am happy for three things.

My last two Amazon packages that I needed for presents for Christmas arrived today. All that is left to be done is the wrapping.

Which leads me to Happy#2. Our day job was closing for Christmas vacation at noon on Wednesday, i.e Christmas Eve.

My boss let me know today, we have the whole day off, and paid too. A lovely surprise!

I need to go in and fix one thing, it's something I had planned to do on Wednesday, and I don't want to let the customer or my workplace down. But a quick dash in is all, and then all day to wrap presents and get prepared for our US family Christmas Eve gathering.

Thirdly, I'm very happy our e-Christmas card is ready. If you'd like a printed version of the card, please email me your name and postal address to my gmail account, which is amandapage@ etc.

Santa learns a hard lesson during his economic bailout hearing before Congress:

Bad boys and girls grow up to be members of Congress, and that you should never fly your private aircraft to your Congressional bailout hearing.

Happy holidays. Hope your 2009 is a prosperous one.