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Random timer post

What I mostly write these days are Facebook posts or tweets. I tried Ello, and without an app, on my mostly used device of choice (iPhone), it was an exercise in frustration.

I've been seeing other old-school journallers pop up, and I keep writing entries in my head. The blank page sat in front of me just now, and I couldn't think of what to write. So I set my phone timer for three minutes, and gave myself permission to just type. Kinda like the NanoWriMo model. Get all the crap out of the way, down onto paper or into pixels, and then either toss that out, or carve the sculpture from the mass of stone. Or just get the writing muscles back in tune.

I also do a lot of homework and report type writing these days, and am trying to write a grant-style proposal to convince one of my employers that I deserve a shot at a program that would be a niche-appropriate use of the skills I've collected in over 30 years of working.

Holy crap, I've been working for pretty much 30 years. I almost read a piece earlier this week (one of the many open tabs I should revisit) about how the author has stopped doing/saying things that reflect on how old they are because 'x' thing happened "y" number of years ago. I'm not doing that, because saying I've been doing something for 30 years doesn't make me feel old, so much as realise that this might be why I feel like I know a little bit about a lot of things. Because I have done a lot of things. Domestic in a nursing home, bookkeeper and spare parts salesperson in a Subaru/John Deere Tractor dealership, front counter officer for the Australian Taxation department, cook in 3-4 places in South Australia, front counter officer in the Department of Social Security, tech support in the State systems department for DSS, systems testing coordinator in Canberra, payroll clerk in a nursing home, website architect designer and social media/email specialist in a marketing and advertising agency, accounts payable/receivable for a plumber, a swimming pool cleaner, a community centre, and currently a private detective agency, proofreader, organiser/archiver, and a finance officer in a community centre.

That is a wildly eclectic career path, no wonder employers don't quite know what to do with me. My current career deviation is to finish the financial counselling diploma I started in August, and to start and complete a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Semester 1 in 2015. Along with trying to maintain some continuing Accounting studies.

I regularly bite off more than I can chew, but I keep chewing regardless.

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